Hiring an apprentice.

At Digital Native we only deliver the recognised Apprenticeship Standards as we believe these offer the best, most effective way to develop relevant workplace skills. Each standard maps closely to job roles and offers a great mix of knowledge, vendor certificates from Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco and experience. Each standard also provides an opportunity to retain your apprentice and progress them onto a degree apprenticeship.

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Following successful completion, all of our 4 pathways can offer progression to the Degree Apprenticeship – BSc Digital and Technology Solutions Professional.







The Apprenticeship Levy.

Introduced in May 2017, The Apprenticeship Levy is a 0.5% payroll tax that can only be used on approved apprenticeship training. At Digital Native, we are specialist providers offering apprentices of all ages access to expert industry knowledge fortified by a thorough understanding of the tech industry. This knowledge allows us to take apprentices from Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE), all the way to Level 7 (Masters Degree). You can even do an MBA as an apprentice!

If your business has an annual payroll bill of more than £3m then you will already be paying the apprenticeship levy.

The private sector pays 0.5% of it’s annual payroll into the levy fund with the public sector paying 3%.

This money can only be used to fund approved apprenticeship training and any money not spent reverts to the government.

You report and pay your apprenticeship levy directly to HMRC through the PAYE process.

Firstly, you need to register with the service.

From there, it’s a simple process to nominate your chosen apprenticeship provider, enter details of the apprentice you wish to train and add additional details such as length of programme and price.

Once the apprenticeship training you’ve bought has started, monthly payments will be taken from your service account and sent to the provider.

Once your levy fund has been spent, the government pays 90% of the apprenticeship cost and you only pay the remaining 10%.

Companies who chose to hire an apprentice with Digital Native.