5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From An Apprenticeship Programme

Running a business is no walk in the park, especially in today’s society, with competition at an all time high it can be hard to stay relevant. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can better your business, and hiring an apprentice is certainly one of them.

With the apprenticeship market set to contribute an incredible £3.4 billion to the UK economy in 2022, and government plans for 3 million apprenticeship roles to be available in 2020 it seems there is no better time to roll out an apprenticeship programme for your business.

Apprenticeships aren’t what they used to be, gone are the days where apprenticeships meant the exchange of labour for food and housing. Now an apprentice is a valued member of the team, and an opportunity for a business to grow in new and exciting directions.

We are well and truly in the digital age; business is now multi-faceted and more complex than ever before, so here is five reasons why you should consider making an apprenticeship programme a solid part of your business.

#1 Upgrade Your Skillsets

Whether you’re looking to offer an apprenticeship to an existing member of your team, or want to hire a new member of staff, it is one of the most beneficial ways of upping your business’ skillset.

Tech companies and modern kick-starters may have the digital market down to a T. However for more established businesses, the transition into things such as social media, SEO and Pay Per Click advertising can be hard work.

If you are looking to make your mark online and improve your engagement, hiring an apprentice who has more technological skills could be the perfect opportunity. Not only are you improving your business, but also you are teaching vital skills that are will make your business sustainable and future proof.

Whatever the area may be, incorporating an apprenticeship programme means you can tailor the skills missing from your business into the programme ensuring that you both benefit.

#2 Reduce Staff Turnaround

Any business owner will tell you that there is nothing more hard-hitting than losing members of the team. The staff you employ offer skills, enthusiasm and passion that make up the backbone of any business. So when a member of staff leaves, it can take a toll on the staff morale and overall productivity of the team.

Statistics have shown that 92% of companies that have taken on apprentices are of the opinion that this leads to a more satisfied and motivated workforce. Of these companies, 80% found a significant increase in staff retention as a direct result of hiring an apprentice.

Ultimately, you are investing time and money into an individual, and this instils confidence and a sense of pride in that person that you feel they are worthy of that investment. This leads to a greater sense of achievement and acts as a huge motivator for people to work well and stick around.

Taking on apprenticeship programmes increases team loyalties, and helps your business by avoiding expensive hiring fees and keeping a happy team for the long-term.

#3 Rejuvenate Your Business

Sometimes there is nothing better than a fresh pair of eyes; this applies to a range of things, including good business! Taking on an apprentice means you are injecting fresh insight, enthusiasm and eagerness into your business, which can have incredible affects!

Perhaps you have been struggling with something for a while, your team is lacking motivation or you simply need an outside opinion. Whatever the issue may be, bringing in an individual who wants to be there and has a different background can offer invaluable benefits to a business.

There is certainly value in a positive and fresh approach, someone coming in from a different angle – and this kind of mind-set can often be found in an apprentice. They may not share your visions on a specific project, or offer alternative suggestions to your current marketing campaign, whatever it may be hiring an apprentice can boost staff motivation, drive and business direction, the possibilities are endless once you invite someone new to the fold.

#4 Look After Your Business Finances

National Apprenticeship Service data shows that 81% of consumers prefer using a company that takes on apprentices. All other benefits aside, looking into an apprenticeship programme can be financially beneficial for your business.

You can give back to the local economy by offering apprenticeship programmes, benefiting the next generation, building a sustainable workforce and developing future skills in a cost friendly way.

Companies receive funding on apprentice schemes, and in some cases depending on certain factors can receive the entire funding at no extra cost to you., making hiring staff more affordable than ever. It really is a no-brainer to consider implementing an apprenticeship scheme into your business.

#5 Free Up Existing Staff Pressures

As the business world develops, the need for new and forward-thinking roles is paramount to success. If you are now juggling all of your existing needs as well as new ones, it can add to stress and pressure to overwhelmed staff.

Bringing in an apprentice can free up staff to focus on their specific areas, allowing those smaller or newer tasks to be taken on by a fresh pair of hands.

Spreading out staff time in this way makes for a happier and more effective workforce, and gives more opportunity for learning to the apprenticeship programme.

Should You Be Considering An Apprenticeship Programme?

As part of Digital Native’s ethos, we believe in offering high-calibre individuals who can really bring something unique to a business. In fact, we have been working with a full UK network offering bespoke tech apprenticeships to give employers the push they need to tap into the digital age of business.

We only offer the best to our students, meaning you only get the best from your apprentices. If there was ever a time to consider an apprenticeship programme, it would be now – the business world s booming, so don’t get left behind.

If you are thinking it all sounds great, but you’re not sure it is right for your business, then why not get in touch? We offer high-quality apprenticeships both within and outside the demands of the Governments Apprenticeship Levy, so we have something for everyone.