Sabrina's Story - Changing Careers With An Apprenticeship

Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

Before my apprenticeship I did a psychology degree, but I didn’t feel ready for the world of work as my degree was heavily conceptual with no real world application.

I had to quickly make a decision and chose to go into teaching. Prior to this I was keen to explore the tech sector, but from a young age I didn’t feel the IT industry was inclusive for women so I refrained from applying to IT jobs. When I decided to change career, I spoke to a few people in the IT industry and thought the rapidly evolving technology sounded really excited, and I also realised I had similar skills to them. I took the plunge and decided that an apprenticeship would be a fantastic way of getting hands-on experience whilst learning!

What was the application process like?

A family member sent me the link to the Crimson vacancy. I researched the company and thought it was a great opportunity. I wasn’t too confident when applying as I don’t have an IT background. So before I applied, I got in touch with Cat – our Head of Academy at Crimson. She gave me lots of information and encouragement, which I was especially grateful for being a female entering a male-dominated field.

The application process was all online due to coronavirus. From previous applications, I was used to going into test centres which can be quite overwhelming, so this was a breath of fresh air.

The entire process was clear and I was always kept in the loop about next stages, which eased my nerves. Crimson’s values were displayed throughout the process. It was clear to me that they placed value on applicants as people and not just their application, which I appreciated.

“I was used to going into test centres which can be quite overwhelming, so this was a breath of fresh air.”

How has your apprenticeship experience been so far?

I’ve had such a warm welcome to Crimson and Digital Native so far. Everyone is keen to share their knowledge and help me on my journey.

In my first few weeks, I’ve learned a lot about business processes. I’ve not been in a business environment before, so it’s interesting to see the complexities of running a business. I’ve also gained a small insight into Dynamics365 and its power to improve business productivity and performance. I’m looking forward to delving deeper!

What's next for you?

I plan on completing my degree apprenticeship as I think the degree qualification will be really beneficial to my career and I enjoy studying.

At the moment, I’m starting with a blank slate so I’m keen to learn about everything and anything within the different practices at Crimson. I’m excited to keep learning and progress up the career ladder in this field.